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Feb 19, 2017

Series: Why Worry? Misplaced TRUST

Passage: Matthew 6:24-34

Speaker: Pastor Nick Sandefur

Series: Why Worry?

Category: Main


For the next 3 weeks we are going to talk about worry. * Worry isn’t easiest topic to talk about b/c people don’t worry w/ same frequency • Some of you seem to never worry… Never seems to shows up in your life… You don’t worry… Whatever will be, will be… People around you are melting down, but you don’t… You are so calm… your spouse is worried about you b/c they can’t get you to worry • The other end of the spectrum… you worry about everything - People threaten to take your TV away b/c get so stressed by what see - Carry around everyone’s problems.. you just worry, worry, worry - Think God gave you this as your spiritual gift - others don’t have to worry as much b/c you have it covered.. - it drives you crazy & you try to worry less – ALWAYS CONSUMED. • The rest of us are somewhere in the middle Those who do not consider ourselves worriers… - Most days handle it OK… but then something happens and all of a sudden feel that feeling rising up in you… It is so easy to become consumed with worry…. ** An accident on the way to work, a job interview, a dr’s visit, a conversation with a child/grandchild…. a sermon on worry