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Porter Loves...

2015-16 Annual Update

This year our church reached out and loved our surrounding community through numerous and on-going Porter Loves... projects

(3) Counties served in this year (i.e. Fayette, Jessamine and Scott)

(20+) Life groups served in these projects.

(50+) Porter Loves... projects)

(300+) PMBC members served in various projects within the community.

(5,000+) reached and impacted through these projects within the community.









During this week we encourage and mobilize our entire church body to serve in Lexington and surrounding communities. Projects range from grilling hamburgers at the local Police Department or Fire Station, visiting patients and medical staff at a hospital cancer center, or serving popcorn and sno-cones at a local school "Open House".

The reason we do these projects is to give us opportunities to meet new people, engage in conversation, develop new friendships with the goal of inviting people to our church and sharing the gospel when the opportunity presents itself.

We hope you will consider being a part of this week of ministry.  If you have questions or need ideas on what you can do to serve, please contact Trent Snyder at (859) 272-3441 or

What is Porter Loves...?

The purpose of Porter Loves...is to mobilize our church body (i.e. individuals, families and Life Groups) to get outside the church and meet new people. Our goal is to meet new people, develop new relationships w/ individuals, be salt and light in the community, and create opportunities to minister to people, families, schools, etc… in our community.

The goal of Porter Loves…?

To get more people within our church involved and engaged in our community…being salt and light for Christ. Creating opportunities to invite people to church, engage in spiritual discussion, showing people that Porter Loves…

What is expected of our individuals and Life Groups participating in Porter Loves...?

1. Select the county in which your class would like to serve on an on-going basis… Fayette, Jessamine and Scott Co.

 2. Determine who your ministry target will be… A public school, neighborhood, community organization, athletic team, etc…

 3. Discuss possible built-in relationships, connections, and/or opportunities someone may already have with your Life Group class where you can serve. Do you have any school faculty in your Life group? Do you know any coaches?  Is there a Police Officer or Fireman in your class?  Do you know of any on-going needs in the community that are not being met?

 4. Determine the types of projects your class would like to do on an on-going basis.


Establish contact with a public school and see what needs exist that your class could meet, such as student tutoring, helping with “Open House” nights, providing meals or gifts for staff.

 Look for opportunities in the community that could be useful and beneficial. (ex: UK Pediatrics Cancer Survivor Picnic, sponsor a local sports team and provide snacks or cover a concession stand, etc…

All projects are to meet the following criteria…
  1. All projects must be presented and approved by the Pastor of Missions & Evangelism prior to scheduling and fulfilling.  This is to ensure consistency and effectiveness in fulfilling our mission as a church.
  2. All projects must be coordinated and carried out by the Life Group… it’s up to your class to dream, plan, execute and fund your project.
  3. All projects must be carried out in the spirit of doing something beneficial and useful for multiple people.
  4. All projects must be done with the purpose of interacting with multiple people, thus creating opportunities to interact with people, develop new relationships, share the gospel, invite people to PMBC, etc.
    Note: Projects are to be in the same spirit as Porter Loves... Community Week.  This means picking up trash along side a road and similar projects do not give us opportunities to meet and talk with people are not desired projects. 
  1. Select individuals from your Life Group to coordinate the Porter Loves... projects your class desires to serve in.
  2. Establish contact with the leader of the group or area you are desiring to minister to.  You need to  get approval before developing a game plan.
  3. Communicate information to your Life Group teacher and class.
  4. Collect money and purchase materials and items necessary for event.
  5. Organize, coordinate and communicate the outreach event details among Life Group.
  6. Each Life Group is asked to fund and financially support as much of these projects as possible. If church assistance is needed, it must be requested and approved by the Pastor of Missions & Evangelism prior to purchasing materials and scheduling.
  7. Determine the number of projects your class will coordinate and fulfill…3-4 projects each year are desired.
  8. If projects are larger and more time demanding…your class can partner with another Life Group.
  9. All projects must be documented and reported upon completion to the Pastor of Missions & Evangelism by completing a Porter Loves... Activity form.

Since 2013 we have served in hundreds of projects throughout our community in Fayette, Jessamine and Scott Counties.

Hundreds of PMBC members, families, Life groups and ministries have participated in these on-going projects.

These projects have motivated and challenged people within our church to step out of their "comfort zone" and look at their neighborhood and community as a mission field.

These projects have allowed us to have interaction with thousands of people in our communities.

We have seen some of these people visit and attend our church which have led to new relationships being established.

These projects have also our church to show its appreciation on an on-going basis to our public service workers (i.e. Police, Fire, EMS, Medical, etc.)