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Heart 2 Heart



A ministry that seeks to support widows and widowers in our Porter church family and beyond through prayer, Biblical encouragement and fellowship.

JUNE 2017

“How to Serve the Church,” Dr. Charles Stanley

1 Corinthians 12:18-26

When I talk about serving the church with God-given talents and gifts, people oftentimes think too small. They picture the choir singer or the Sunday school teacher. But if they don't happen to be naturally adept at singing or teaching, they give up.

It's time we stop thinking in terms of a "Sunday only" establishment. The church is not a place or a time; it is a body of believers, each one uniquely gifted by God to guide, help, challenge, and support the rest. In fact, most service to the Lord doesn't take place inside the church building. It happens out in the world, where we do all the things that Scripture commands.

Most believers are not in a position to influence a lot of people. When we act or speak, only those closest to us notice, but a chain reaction ripples outward to affect an entire community. Paul's metaphor of body parts working together harmoniously is a helpful description of how one small action can have a widespread impact. Consider the way tensing your big toe keeps your foot stable and thereby steadies your whole body. In the same way, a gentle rebuke, a listening ear, or a loving deed benefits the church by strengthening one brother or sister, who then supports another.

We are on this earth to serve the kingdom of God and His church. And we do that by ministering to each other in small ways that steady the whole body as we give extra support to one member. In talking about such service, I am challenging you to find a need that God can meet through you.

For more biblical teaching and resources from Dr. Charles Stanley, please visit www.intouch.org.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc. (c) 2016 All Rights 

Updated Roster

          I had hoped by now to have an updated address/phone roster of widows/widowers at Porter. It is hoped that you will use the list to stay in contact and give special support to each other.  When it is mailed please look over it carefully and if there are any corrections or additions, please let me know at   or 272-5199 or call Pat, Jane, Scotty or Doris with the correction.  It will be corrected on the master list but there will not be another distribution.


Prayer – Lena Bradshaw – In the loss of her son-in law, Trey Cundiff, Lena’s daughter, Trishana’s husband, and father to Jamin and Heather

Prayer – Linda Taylor – For the Lisby family in the loss of Mary, my sister-in-law.   Prayer for Doug, her son, as he goes through grieving for his mother and also health issues/concerns for him, and his wife, Eunice

Praise - Jane Cranfill - I would like to thank all my H2H friends for your concerns & prayers during my back surgery in April.  I am doing very well, finally able to drive and feeling much better than I felt before!!  I am so thankful that I had the surgery & I am very much on the road to recovery.  Blessings too you all.

Praise – Meg Doran – Meg has now moved to Brookdale.  Here is her address/phone information: 3051 Rio Dosa Drive, Apartment 241, Lexington, 40509; Phone – 480-203-5889

Prayer and Praise – Cassie Massie – Cassie has made the decision to stay at The Willows at Fritz Farm.  Here is her new address: Room 406, 2710 Man O War Blvd, Lexington, KY  40515.  She was at the Sr. Potluck on Thursday and at church on May 21.  It was good to see her back. 

Praise and Prayer - Allen Cartwright - Alan had a fall recently and skinned his elbow but the paramedics treated his scrapes and scratches at home.  Jerry Ball went to see him the week of May 15 and said he was talking as usual and asking about his Porter family.


These birthdays include the ones on the new roster.

Jesse Baldridge, Friend of Heart2Heart                     6/12

Tressie Ritchie                                                 6/19

Antha Swessel                                                            6/20

Heart to Heart Activities

June 1: Day social of Heart2Heart at Cooper River in Nicholasville (on the bypass), 501 Keene Crossing Dr.

June 8: Grief Support led by Suzanne Lindgren at 6:30 pm at Pat Welman’s house, 3548 Rocky Hill Terrace.  This is a discussion group, and we hope to reach any widow or widower who needs support and friendship no matter how long his/her spouse has been gone.  If you know of a widow who might be interested please bring him/her with you or let one of us know her name and address for follow-up.   Dessert will be served.

June 20: “Salad Days of Summer” Potluck at Scotty Morris house, 333 Marblerock Way. Bring a salad. The pastor and his wife will be invited.

Happy Father’s Day to our men.  June blessings to all,

Linda Taylor