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Heart 2 Heart



A ministry that seeks to support widows and widowers in our Porter church family and beyond through prayer, Biblical encouragement and fellowship.

The article below is copied from Readers Digest, May 2017, pages 52-54. For the sake of brevity, I have shortened the article where I could.  It was originally printed in Reader’s Digest in 1983 when the relevance of clean shoes (cleaned, polished and sometimes taken to a shoe repair store) was more prominent than in today’s throwaway society. I hope you will find as much meaning and “food for thought” as I did.

“I’ve Come to Clean Your Shoes     Still in shock, I stumbled about the house trying to decide what to put into the suitcases.  Earlier that evening, I’d received a call from my hometown in Missouri telling me that my brother, his wife, her sister, and both the sister’s children had been killed in a car crash.  “Come as soon as you can,” begged my mother.  That’s what I wanted to do – to leave at once, to hurry to my parents.  …. We were in the midst of packing all our belongings to move from Ohio to New Mexico.  ... The clothes were packed and taped up in cartons.  Which clothes? Which boxes?  Stunned by grief, I couldn’t remember.  …. Dirty clothes were on the laundry room floor.  Supper dishes were stacked in the sink.  Toys were everywhere.  “I couldn’t focus: “Bill is gone – Marilyn too.  June—and both the children.  ….  I moved and ran into doors and tripped over chairs.

     Larry made arrangements for us to leave at 7 a.m. the next morning then he phoned friends to tell them what had happened.  He called Donna King to tell her she would have to teach the nursery alone Sunday.  Occasionally, someone asked to speak to me “If there is anything I can do, let me know.” … But I didn’t know what to ask for!  …I sat in a chair; my legs dragged, my hands felt like lead.  Later, the doorbell rang and it was Emerson King.  He explained that Donna had to stay with the children.  He said he remembered that when his dad died, it took hours to get all the adults and kids shoes sorted and cleaned and shined.  So that is what I have come to do.  Give me your shoes, not just the good ones but all of them.

    I hadn’t thought of shoes!  But now I remembered the kids playing in mud and one of the kids kicking rocks scuffing his toes. I had put them in the laundry room to clean later….Larry’s dress and everyday shoes, the kids muddy sneakers and dress shoes.  Emerson got soapy water from the sink and an old knife out of the drawer!  He put paper on the floor and ….got to work.  Watching him concentrate on his task helped me to get my thoughts in order.  We did laundry, bathed the kids, put them to bed and then cleared the supper dishes.

     As I watched Emerson clean shoes, I thought of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  Our Lord had knelt, serving his friends, even as Emerson now knelt.  The love in this act released my tears at last, healing rain to wash the fog in my mind.  I could move and think.   

       Larry and I took the necessary steps to prepare for the next day. Emerson very quietly left.  …. Later, I returned to the kitchen and there against the wall was every shoe we owned, gleaming and spotless.

    The night before we had packed  ....   It was time to go to the airport now.  Ahead lay grim, sad days, but the comfort of Christ’s presence, symbolized by the image of a quiet man kneeling on my kitchen floor with a pan of water would sustain me.

     Now when I hear of an acquaintance who has lost a loved one, I no longer call with the vague offer, “if I can do anything.”  I try to think of one specific task that suits that person’s needs at that moment.  And if that acquaintance says to me, “how did you know I needed that done?”  I reply, “It’s because a man once cleaned my shoes.”


John 13:1-17…. so he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.) 


Sundra Haney: Prayer for the property in Jessamine County to sell and for the first phase of Porter’s renovation.

Linda Taylor:

  • Pray for my daughter, Michele, as she has further testing done and moves closer to weight loss surgery. Her recent heart cath showed no abnormalities.  Praise the Lord!

June Puckett: PRAISE for the excellent report from doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital regarding Ella’s cancer. 

Cheryl Erwin:

  • PRAISE: I was recently in the hospital for a few days because of atrial fibrillation. The doctors mildly shocked my heart and it went back into sinus rhythm.  I am to double my medication and see my cardiologist.
  • CONTINUED PRAISE: I would request continued prayer for me to find the opportunity that God wants me to have for another part-time job or a full-time one. I have accepted a part-time position at Salt River Baptist Church as Minister of Music and Youth. So thankful and excited!!
  • PRAYER: Continued prayer for my youngest son, Jonathan. He continues to work in Environmental Services at a local hospital in Topeka, KS despite several medical symptoms that occur on a daily basis, including the feeling ofpassing out. His neurologist has referred him to a cardiologist and he will have been seen by an endocrinologist in late June. Please pray that the specialists can determine the cause of his symptoms and successfully treat them. In addition, he is looking to find a different job out of the hospital with the help of the KS Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation. Thank you for your prayers!


Isabella Doak                         7/2                              

Cathy Moore                          7/22

Martha Brandenburg           7/9                              

Nell Nance                            7/31

Wilma Burns                         7/16                            

Marlene Peyton                    7/16

Lydia Simpson                      7/8                              

Shirley Williams                    7/6

The roster is finally complete and ready to mail out.  Thanks for your patience.  I am trying now to hand out as many as possible to save on mailing expenses.  The names/birthdays above are from the entire roster of widow/widowers although some may not be active participants in Heart2Heart. 


Day Social -July 6 at 11:30: Parkette Drive In, 1230 East New Circle Road.   RSVP to Linda Taylor (272-5199) or Pat Welman (272-3761)Night Social - July 18 at 6:00 pm, Olive Garden, Fayette Mall.  RSVP to Scotty Morris (859-608-7835). 5TH Sunday/July 30- Heart2Heart will meet after worship service at Belle Notte (near Fayette Mall).  RSVP to Pat (272-3761) or Linda (272-5199) so we can make a reservation (under Porter Memorial). 

GRIEF SUPPORT – HEART2HEART – July 13 at 6:30 at Suzanne Lindgren’s home, 5069 Middleton Place.  Heart2Heart Grief Support is very capably led by Suzanne Lindgren.  At our June meeting we had 5 new participants.  We stress that this is a safe place to share your grief and stories of your loved one.   

            I hope that each of you will remember and be thankful for our country on July 4 and for all the blessings we have merely by being born and living in America.  Paramount is religious freedom.  I particularly think of nations like North Korea where people are brainwashed and every aspect of their living is controlled.  Americans have never had to live under these conditions, so on July 4 thank God for that.  Thank Him for His goodness to us.  And most of all pray for our country that our leaders will work together to make wise decisions and to govern together rather than in political turmoil. 

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

Linda Taylor