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Mother's Day Out

If interested in Preschool, follow the link.  Preschool

"His Kids"

Mother's Day Out Program


Our main objective is to provide a positive atmosphere where your child can develop mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually through well organized activities.  Learning experiences, appropriate for the developmental age of each group, are provided each day.


Our resources include the Scripture Bite Curriculum Guides as well as other Christian material.  The children experience learning through activity centers such as art blocks, books, home living, nature, and puzzles.  Activity teaching is used by sharing Bible thoughts, stories, and conversation as preschoolers are in action.  Music is provided each day in a special classroom with our music teacher.



Tuesday and Thursdays 9:00 am - 2:00 pm


A $100 deposit per child is required prior to the beginning of the school year which includes a $50 nonrefundable annual registration fee and $50 of prepaid tuition.  Tuition is $25 per day for the first child and $22 per day for each additional child.  Tuition is due even when the child is absent.  A two-week paid notice is required when withdrawing from the program.




 A brochure and a more specific listing of policies and procedures are available by request and upon enrollment.

Non-Discrimination Statement: 

The Mother's Day Out Program of Porter Memorial Baptist Church does not discriminate in any way in its acceptance of children.

To print enrollment, personal information & medical information sheet, please click on  FORM

For additional information, contact Mandy Benton or Lisa Crawford by calling (859) 272-3441 or emailing  or

If interested in Preschool, follow the link.  Preschool